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date:2012.04.8 08:49

This is the second piece of the Seedling Project. It is all about bird. Stay-Spin-Fly!

Size : 1/3 palm size  Media: Acrylic.


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Birds House

date:2012.03.26 10:03

Project 1 for seedling.

This is a guest artist project during the xmas, It took me a few days to finish 3 pieces.

This is the one which they offer me a plain wooden bird house. I paint it with spray,ink, and acrylic. It is a pleasure collaborated with Seedling, Thanks.

Step 1, paint the side into white. I used some tapes to cover the roof and bottom where i want to save as original color.

step 2: painting the left…… :P There is some wasted paper you can see through the hole, which protect the inside from the spray painting.

This is the front side.

Back and sides.


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Art for sale-1

date:2011.10.23 02:37

I am not sure how many people will come cross my blog/website,  either how many people would interested in my art works. Currently i have some works in frame at home, if you fee like having one or two on your wall, most welcome to flick me an email or leave a comment. I am living in Auckland New Zealand  now,  this is my first try to sell something on my website,  the work is generally around $30- limited print. If we click, there will be a small chic special design metal bookmark as a gift :) ~