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Video illustrations

date:2013.11.12 06:18


Those 2 pieces i did a few months ago for a fashion brand, this supposed to be a animation video, unfortunatly it was cancled due to budget issue. It was a challenge for me to do a style that editable to be a animation. Simple but stylish. I am still happy with the result on my canvas.


这是几个月前的一个视频工作, 插图式动画, 因为要可以给编辑师编辑,所以插图要简单且时尚.到现在我也还是很高兴自己做到了.


Project for Funlandia playground

date:2013.07.5 14:44



New project for indoor playground supplier – FUNLANDIA

They put the illustration concept onto their ” castle “,

4 illustration and some small decorations, that was a good experience to try new things.


3 pieces for Landsea

date:2013.05.8 05:48

New works for Landsea Magazine , It was a enjoyable cooperation. I appreciate Mr Sun gave me totally freedom on my works.

Recently I am staying at home only doing some freelance, wish i could insist to the end to get the book done. What’s the book about?





Cosmo China 2013.5

date:2013.05.2 06:25


New drawings.

date:2013.04.7 14:03

There are new 2 drawings for Lansdea, the article is about philosophy and humanity in nowadays.

The magazine is only for a private group, and it is quite enjoyable to work for them.



Here I am

date:2013.03.21 04:02

I have been disappeared for a while and looking for so called positive energy.

But I realized I will never get inner peace without painting.

That night, could not be better. She accompany beside me and my drawing. :)


New year avatar

date:2013.01.4 01:25

Hey, I am back…again. Happy new year everyone. What is your new year  revolution?

My life in NZ is kinda finished in 2012 for now, and new life in shanghai is still going on.

I drew the avatar for my colleague, how to say… new year new face?!

Could you tell what do we do from the avatar?



date:2012.08.12 16:56

I am back, finally, I relocated myself in Shanghai, China now. I am happy for my new life even though I miss New Zealand quite a lot.

In Chinese, we call Shanghai “魔都”which means the city of evil or the city full of devils. To be honest, the meaning depends your experience and understaning.

I project I did for SEEDLING is going on currently-Bird House and Spin

I like the way of photography and the whole feeling of the design concept they did. Please check out ARTIST SHOWCAST OF SEEDLING

There will be one which is your fav among them.:)

ps: There are a lot of exciting events going on in Shanghai. I will be here . If you are music festival addicted, Come with me!



The New York Times

date:2012.05.26 07:22

The Typo Logo is from the New York Times Newspaper, I drew this only for fun and tried using words as a part of my “drawing”, an important play in the composition.



A night = Reptilian age

date:2012.04.29 11:22

Spent a couple of nights to finish drawing the new pets.Full speed ahead!