“PANK” artist in Seoul

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After the group exhibition in Seoul , I become a member of PANK group. Thanks a lot to Martyn

PANK is a professional artist network in Seoul aims to cover all aspects of an artists life, from exhibitions and calls for work, to printing and framing shops, by providing a link between, businesses, galleries and artists.



Bridge Exhibition

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This is my first group exhibition in Seoul,Korean.

DATE: 24TH MAY – 1ST JUNE 2014
서울특별시 강동구 천호2동 527-2

Since 3 months ago I start a journey in Korean, I am quite happy that I could have a show with other five artists together here. It was a wonderful night on last Saturday opening night. The exhibition last for a week until 1 st June. Pop by and see the amazing gallery. It has a beautiful full view of Han river.

Rice burger

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This is something I found it really interesting. I love the taste, they even put Korean spicy noodles in-between  !!


Holiday in Seoul

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Eating in Seoul

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Eating in Seoul

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Bear said:”Let’s eat around in Seoul!”

Korean spicy rice stick

Korean traditional noodle


Good day in Seoul

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I am staying in Seoul for a month 13 DEC. 2013- 11 JAN. 2014 :)

Cosmo China issue Dec.

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Those are new works for Cosmopolitan China , this is the third time to work with them. I made a series of  ”the impression of her back”, very entertaining.


Video illustrations

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Those 2 pieces i did a few months ago for a fashion brand, this supposed to be a animation video, unfortunatly it was cancled due to budget issue. It was a challenge for me to do a style that editable to be a animation. Simple but stylish. I am still happy with the result on my canvas.


这是几个月前的一个视频工作, 插图式动画, 因为要可以给编辑师编辑,所以插图要简单且时尚.到现在我也还是很高兴自己做到了.

Memory in 20 months-P2

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Those are the images of the first day, it is still impressive as if it happened yesterday.

Her/ K-road/ Japanese noodles/ Pohutukawa/ Hill ST./ Tui