Whisper 1

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New illo and progress

Some doodling

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to take a peep

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My first comics book 《借一年,去新西兰》 is for sale now.  What is it about? Please find it here

New book Launch Today!

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Hello, The comics book 《借一年,去新西兰》I am working on almost one year is published all over China today! The whole storybook is about A Chinese girl went to New Zealand alone for 1 year, Start from “Zero”, language barrier, financial emergency ect. all kinds of problems to fight with! Food runner, coffee maker, ice-cream & candy girl, busker, wedding photographer, voluntary art teacher, and publish editor … after all these experience, are you wondering what kind of person she would be?



For now, there is only Chinese version , if you were interested in re-publish english version, please feel free to contact me :)

BUY ME : 当当京东amazon.cn


Post card design for new book

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I have been working on a book about one year. It is all about New Zealand working holiday life where I spent 1 year and 8 month. Here is some post card I illustrate and design as a lecture gift, Oh, I am going to have a lecture at Peking University on 25th afternoon.


New Project

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New  project for Make: magazine

Art Director: Juliann Brown

It’s about how Shenzhen, China is to hardware innovation as Silicon Valley is to software / tech innovation. Before 1979, it was just a small fishing village.

New project for YOUKU

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This is a new project committed by Youku -” Chinese youtube”. the concept is “Sweet Doughnut”,  there are 12 Illustrator/designer/artist making up their own story to represent youku’s icon.  Mine is about “Beauty and Happiness”.


文字-优酷   插图-queenio(欢儿欢)

Tailored Portrait @Club Monaco

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This is a commercial event commissioned by CLUB MONACO

10min portrait painting in the shop.

跟CLUB MONACO 合作的一个项目,现场十分钟手绘人像+日本花艺师永生花手作。

策划:Cindy Hu

执行:Cindy Hu, Yunning Zhang

Eating in Seoul #3

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Summer doodles #1-miss sea wind

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My holiday in  Thailand finished. I have got a bad sunburn all over. So I start to doodle some red girls as a serial of summer story.