Hi, I am Huan, I was born and raised in northern China. I have been working as an illustrator, designer  and photographer in many fields including magazines, fashion brands, newspaper and advertising since 2007. I worked in the design industry and taught art overseas after receiving my BA (Hons) in the China Academy of Art. I enjoy exploring meanings beyond the visuals. 

Now I move back to  China after 2 years life in New Zealand and 1 year in Seoul.



Make:magazineClub MonacoYouku,  VW, Learning Media, <<Cosmopolitan>>, <<BrainpowerMagazine>>, Seedling, GreenG Jewelry, Landsea, Camel Tobacco, TGGC Garment ltd, Mandarin Pages, Magicstorybox, MVL, Zhejiang TV.


2015 Exhibition in Mokpo Culture and Art Centre,Korea.

2014 Exhibition in Seoul, Riverview Gallery.

2012 Exhibition in Auckland Aotea Centre Square Hall

Exhibition in House of the Hedone Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand.

Exhibition in Corban Estate Art Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

2011 Exhibition in Auckland Town Hall, New Zealand.

Exhibition in Auckland Aotea Centre Square Hall, New Zealand.

Exhibition in 466 Newnorth Rd Kingsland Gallery, New Zealand.

2010 Illustration nominated, Aniwow.

2009 Winner of Swatch Playground Originality Competition covered Europe and Asia.

2008 Underground Exhibition in Berlin.

First place in the fourth International Games Fair in Shanghai.

Comics nominated, Hangzhou international animation festival.


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新浪微博 | @欢儿欢queenio